Saudi female entrepreneur May Alwakeel represents everything her catering  business stands for. Traditional yet different, stylish and unique. May exudes positive  energy and her  enthusiasm  comes as a refreshing change , here in Riyadh.

Every month we experiment something new” says May “which is why clients keep coming back to us. They know we will not disappoint“. The Riyadh Connect team had the pleasure of sitting  down with May to talk about her catering business which she is no doubt passionate about.

If you were to describe Sugar n Spice in 30 sec?
Quality food presented in trendy style. We are not your typical catering company. We are unique in that we offer good quality, good service  . When you have an event or function, you leave your worries to us , because we take care of every detail from A to Z .

Would you tell us a bit about your educational background?

I studied  Linguistics& Translation from Sharjah University. Im also a certified Wilton cake decorator and am presently doing my MBA in Prince Faisal University, Riyadh.

What was your inspiration to enter this line of business?

Ours wasnt the typical , traditional home. We used to have predetermined food and taste standards. My mother loves cooking, creating, styling food. I must have inherited her taste. I am truly fascinated by food.

This has been my mother’s business since 7 years. 4 years back ,she was toying with the idea of  closing it it down due to lack of time  to manage a household and a business.It was then that I took over. Ever since, its been my passion.

What is your average price range?
Our prices are not cheap but they arent overtly expensive  either. They are in the upper middle range..and with good reason too. Our food is special.

 How involved are you during a typical function?
Well, Im a behind-the-scenes person.I would be testing, managing, creating, taking care of every setting, every detail. When the function begins, I let my staff take over. I normally dont attend them unless its a really huge event and my presence is mandatory.

Tell us a bit about your staff?
I would say my staff is very ‘multi-cultural’. There are Syrians, Moroccans, Indians, Phillipinos- 13 ladies in all. I believe women have a better sense of taste than men. They come with varied skills, I train them all. Its a good feeling to see them grow and evolve  from people with basic skills to those with a special skill set.

So whats a typical day like?
Well, Saturday-Sunday its usually quiet. From Monday onwards, it begins to get busy.I give advice, I do research, I style, I create..The thing I enjoy the most about my business is that a day is never typical.There is a new challenge every day . I love what I do

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