A medical report of Amal’s condition issued by Dammam Central Hospital. Image credit : alyaum.com

A 22 year old Saudi woman breathed her last at the Dammam Medical Complex on Sunday after a battle for life for almost a week.

According to reports by Arabic daily  Al-Yaum,  Amal Al-Metairi was  a victim of Thalassemia and medical negligence.

Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin , resulting in an excessive destruction of red blood cells.

According to Amal’s mother,  negligence on the part of medical staff resulted in her daughter’s death.

Amal was being given monthly blood transfusions regularly since early August. After her condition worsened with a sharp fall in blood count and a high fever,  she was admitted to Dammam Central Hospital twice in the same month.

In September, Amal was diagnosed with symptoms of jaundice and high fever, after which the number of transfusions increased to three in a month.

Amal’s mother  took her to the hospital again in November when her condition became serious, where she was administered with Panadol and pain killers without examinations or lab tests. She was then taken to the  emergency room after suffering acute breathing problems but  no doctors were present  to attend the case.

When the doctor arrived early next morning, he declared that her enzyme count was above normal and referred her to a specialist doctor, who came  three hours later. During this entire time, Amal was not  given any treatment or medication. By then, Amal was diagnosed with malaria.

She was not given any treatment despite slipping  into a coma four times. Finally, Amal was admitted to the ICU at ten in the night.

Her family was contacted by hospital authorities, the following morning and was told that her kidneys and liver had stopped functioning. Amal was then put on dialysis and given intravenous injections.

The following Saturday, her doctor recommended that Amal be taken to Prince Sultan Medical City,Riyadh. Not being in a position to travel , Amal died the next morning.