king fahd hospital jeddahThe General Director of Health Affairs in the Saudi province of Jeddah, Sami Badawood told Al Riyadh news that over 62 people who were previously infected with MERS coronavirus have now been cured and discharged from Jeddah’s King Fahd hospital.

Badawood said that so far, no children have been diagnosed with the disease and that the cases were reported among adults only. He also added that the decline in the number of reported cases could indicate that the virus is being contained.

The health official informed that the Ministry of Culture and Education and the Ministry of Higher Education collaborated to raise awareness among students about avoiding contamination. So far, no MERS cases have been recorded among students.

Badawood announced that the Minister of Health in charge in Jeddah has assigned 120 medical staff from different departments of the Ministry of Health and other medical establishments, and that so far 25 Intensive Care nurses and 10 psychiatrists have arrived for additional aid. They are also expecting contagious diseases and contamination specialists to join them to deal with MERS.

The general director stated that the Intensive Care Units at King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah will be restricted to only MERS patients until the completion of the King Abdullah Medical City complex. Red Crescent has been alerted to transfer only low-risk and medium-risk cases to King Fahd Hospital and to not  send critical cases to the hospital.