Avoid camel meat and milk says Saudi MoHSaudi Arabia’s acting Health Minister Adel Faqih advised the public during a press conference on Tuesday to stay away from camel meat and milk as a precaution against MERS infections.

Faqih also said that face masks are mandatory only in places where there is direct contact with patients infected with the severe respiratory disease. He said that it was not necessary to wear masks in public places, reported Akhbaar24 news.

In a bid to contain the spread of the disease, the ministry has advised pregnant women, people with chronic illnesses, and elderly Muslims especially those above the age of 65 to postpone their Hajj and Umrah this year. Faqih said that the Foreign Ministry would be requesting Saudi embassies and consulates across the globe to convey the message and dissuade these people from coming into the kingdom.

The MERS virus has claimed over 100 lives in Saudi Arabia out of 339 infected. On Monday, the ministry reported 6 news cases of MERS infections – one in Riyadh, one in Makkah, one in Tabuk, and three in Jeddah.