The Afghan who hasn’t missed prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque for 37 yearsHaji Muhammad is an Afghani expatriate working as a plumber in Saudi Arabia. He came to the kingdom in search of work at the tender age of 19. Since his first visit to the Prophet’s mosque in the holy city of Madinah 37 years ago, he has never missed a prayer in the mosque.

Muhammad has 2 wives and 12 children, and in all these 37 years, he has traveled to his home country only once.

The pious devotee who has never missed a single prayer at the mosque occupies his regular spot behind the imam. Those who come to Madinah every year never fail to find the familiar face wearing the same black turban.

Saudi Gazette reported that when Muhammad first started working in the kingdom, he told his sponsor that he did not want to miss prayers at the mosque. He does not work during the month of Ramadan as he spends his time in the mosque.

Muhammad told media, “I’ve always made sure I perform all prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque since I was a young man. I love picking up the copies of the Holy Qur’an from visitors and putting them back in their cabinets.” He has made friends with fellow worshippers and has left a mark in many others because of his undivided devotion.