Prince Khaled Al-FaisalThe Saudi Minister of Education, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal has issued a directive to the education departments of various regions to allocate clinics in all schools and equip these clinics with adequate supplies and medical equipment.

The Saudi minister also directed the setting up of committees headed by a Deputy of School Affairs, the Directors of School Health and a member of Health Affairs.

The function of the committees includes coordinating with the Ministry of Health, the Executive Committee and all provinces. According to Al-Madinah newspaper, the minister’s statement explained that the task of these committees is to implement a means to provide health education for students to help create an environment that is suitable for school students.

The committee also helps raise awareness about illness so that it helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases among students. Besides, the committee must adopt measures to improve the school environment by supplying school toilets with soap, tissue paper, and clean water.