saudi womanThe Saudi Ministry of Labor awarded Saudi woman, Saeeda Al-Omari the “Israr” award, which means Persistence, a recognition for hardworking women.

Saeeda was chosen from among ten other nominees via electronic voting. She was handed the award along with SR 100,000 cash prize during a ceremony held in Jeddah.

Saeeda was recognized for her lifelong struggle, reported local dailies. Saeeda was orphaned early in her childhood and was living in poverty. During this course of hardship, she completed her studies early on and worked hard with commitment and persistence until she achieved her goals. She worked as a cleaning worker, security guard, and even as a teacher for the disabled.

Saeeda’s salary did not exceed SR 1,000 (including transportation allowance) a month when she started working as a cleaner. Her current salary is SR 2,400 and it does not even cover her college education expenses. She is now about to complete her bachelor’s degree in special education. Saeeda hopes that she will soon have the opportunity to secure a well-paid job in the care of the disabled.

Saeeda mentioned on a show in Al-Arabiya channel that her strong belief and faith was her support and motivation to bear all obstacles and that her principle in life is that “God is patient”.