marriage ringsIn conservative Saudi Arabia where men and women are strictly segregated, matchmakers play a crucial role in finding devout brides for the young people of the country, according to Gulf News.

For matchmakers, a visit to the mosque around the time for Taraweeh proves valuable because they can find young women who are religious. One such person who has helped families find alliances is Umm Ebrahim. Her visits to the mosques nowadays are two-fold. Besides her spiritual obligations, she also exercises her profession by scanning through the crowd to find a prospective match for the families that contact her seeking marriage alliances. There may be a potential bride among the young women who come to pray in mosques.

Umm Ebrahim said, “I have realised that mosques were the best place in Ramadan to meet potential brides who are religiously committed. Many of the men who seek my services to help them find the right bride insist on the religious character and see it as much more significant than the beauty factor. The best place for such requirements is of course the mosque where young women look natural without make up and show their commitment to their religion,” quoted in a Saudi daily.

 “In the past, most men insisted on tall and white or light-skinned women who would get along well with their families. Now, they go more for natural beauty and are worried about being cheated by cosmetic surgeries or artificial extensions. They also require higher spiritual commitment,” the matchmaker added.

According to the report, matchmaking is a thriving business in the kingdom despite the growth of online marriage brokering services.