McDonald's mealA customer of McDonald’s is suing the fast food giant for USD 1.5 million following an argument with the manager at one its outlets.

Webster Lucas was given only one napkin with his order of a Quarter Pounder Deluxe. He said that he asked for more serviettes, but the manger refused to give him any.

Lucas, an African-American, said that he was mistreated by the Mexican-American manager of the McDonald’s outlet in California, USA. The manager allegedly muttered something like ‘you people’.

According to TMZ, Lucas was “unable to work” due to the “emotional distress” caused by the episode. Lucas sent an email to the fast food giant stating that he experienced “undue mental anguish” because of the incident. While he was offered free burgers, Lucas decided to sue McDonald’s for USD 1.5 million and filed the million dollar lawsuit on 29 January.