new absher servicesThe General Director of Passports, Major General Sulaiman Al-Yahya announced this week that the Directorate of Passports and the Ministry of Justice would soon be linked for matters related to sponsorship through the Absher e-service.

Yahya said that over the next few days, a number of services, including appointment allocation system and issuance of Iqamas, will be rolled out, reported Akhbaar24. He added that the process of issuing passports to citizens through the ‘Absher’ service will also be ready soon. Citizens can either go to the office and collect newly issued passports or they can have their passports delivered to them by mail.

Once the new services are available, citizens can activate optional services such as setting alerts to sponsors when expatriates under their sponsorship leave the kingdom.

Biometric authentication will be employed for the online services. Citizens will provide their fingerprint, which will be linked to a password and their cellphone. Every time the system is accessed by a person, a text message will be sent to his cellphone.

The Passport Department also has specialized teams to help citizens use the Absher e-service, especially those with special needs. The assistance teams will teach people how to use the e-services and make use of its features.