labor ministerThe Labor Minister and Chairman of Human Resources Development Fund, Engineer Adel Bin Mohammad Faqih, has expressed his gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz and to the Crown Prince for the introduction of a new incentive for those who have had a tough time finding a job.

The incentive includes a dedicated fund for age groups that were not considered earlier and also a special scheme that will help citizens secure jobs, reported Sabq news.

The Minister said that the kingdom’s leaders are keen for citizens of all age groups to secure employment.

The program helps citizens who are seriously hunting for jobs and those who have had no luck so far in securing a job. The program will help unemployed Saudi nationals develop and improve their skills so that they are better prepared for positions available in the labor market. Training, certification, and employment assistance services for citizens will supported by the kingdom’s Human Resources Development Fund.

The “Hard to find a job” program is an incentive under the “Hafez” program, and the target group for this incentive are nationals within the age group of 35 and 60 years. The program provides financial support for one year with the following break up:

  • SR 1,500 per month for the first four months
  • SR 1,250 per month for the next four months
  • SR 1,000 per month for the final four months

Additionally, unemployed citizens within the 20-35 age group will get SR 2,000.  The break up for this younger group is, however, not clear. Furthermore, residents in care homes will also get an opportunity to take advantage of this new program through financial support for training and employment.

The “Taqat” program will provide jobs, and “Hafez: hard to find a job” program will provide support to nationals across the kingdom.

Citizens can register for this new program 90 days after the program is officially launched.