According to the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) , new visa rules will come to effect from 21st October. Changes will be made for four visa categories- widows, divorcees, graduating dependents and tourists.

Tourists will be able to extend their 30-day visa twice, without leaving the country, with the cost of AED 600 being incurred  for each extension.

Dependent students who are finishing their studies or turning 18 will be able to extend their visa for a period of one year. This visa may also be renewed for an additional year.

The residency visa for widows and divorced women (and their children) will also be extended for a year beginning from the date of the death or divorce of the spouse. There will be a charge of AED 100 for cancelling previous residency visa and an additional AED 100 charge for the new one year visa. With these new rules, renewing your visa in the UAE has got a lot easier.