expired milkA new-born baby was reportedly given expired milk by a nurse in a private hospital in Riyadh. The three-day-old baby started vomiting after being fed the milk.

A complaint was registered with the hospital management after the father of the baby found out the mistake, according to Saudi Gazette. He said that his daughter’s health started worsening after she was given the expired milk. A blood test revealed that the infant had developed severe jaundice. She then underwent phototherapy for about five hours.

Dr Saeed Al-Zahrani, the Hospital Director told a local newspaper that the hospital kept stock of milk that was valid for at least six months. The baby’s father was not keen to continue treatment at the hospital after he received no explanation or response to his complaint.

This incident comes in the wake of a tainted milk scare that the kingdom heard of in the beginning of the month. A particular Similac product is being recalled after reported of Clostridium Botulinum contamination.