muslimah worldNigerian contestant, Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola was named the winner of Muslimah World held in Jakarta on Wednesday, reported Arab News.

The Nigerian prayed and recited Quranic verses upon hearing her name as the winner. According to Ajibola, the event “was not really about competition. We’re just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful.”

Ajibola has won the crown and trips to Makkah and India, apart from a 25-million-Rupiah cash prize.

Held just days before the Miss World finals, the finals of Muslimah world saw 20 contestants from six different countries. All contestants rocked the catwalk in elaborately embroidered clothes that covered them from head to toe. They also wore headscarves of different designs. Besides beauty, the contestants were judged on their Quran recitation skills and their present age view of Islam.

Organizers of the pageant said that it was a peaceful way to oppose the popular Miss World beauty contest. According to Eka Shanti, the founder of Muslimah World, the contest is Islam’s answer to Miss World. First held in 2011, the contest was known under a different name and was open only to Indonesians. It got a makeover this year as Islam’s alternative to beauty pageants after the media started comparing it to Miss World.