nitaqat (1)After the deadline for foreign workers to correct their visa status was extended by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah last week, the crowds that used to be seen in front of all the embassies have all but disappeared.

The lackadaisical manner in which workers are approaching the employment and visa problem after the deadline extension has been giving worries to diplomats, reports Arab News. The lack of crowds indicates that people have lost the fear and sense of urgency that could be seen during the beginning of the month.

 “This is human nature, but they should not be totally relaxed. They should continue following up on their papers as soon as possible. They should remember that the four-month extension is not a long time,” said a diplomat at one of the embassies.

As it is, the additional four months that has been granted will not be adequate to correct everyone’s status. The diplomat pointed that if expatriates relax their efforts, things will get tougher later.