n-day car crashNo verdict has been announced for the detained Hai’a members who were instrumental in the death of 2 Saudi brothers following a hot car chase on the Saudi national day.

Amid rumors that the accused men were charged with second-degree murder, Sabq news has reported that  the five accused Hai’a members are still detained and no judgment has been passed.

In a press statement released before Eid Al-Adha, the Governor of Riyadh said that a verdict for the case would be announced soon. Five of the accused are still under police custody, while the sixth member and a Pakistani driver were released.

Mohsen Al-Qaws, the brother of the deceased, said that two of the detained Hai’a members had confessed to their actions. One the other hand, the lawyers of the accused said that it was against the law for the investigator to let out any information about the investigation. The defense team plans to challenge any indictment with evidence that would prove the innocence of the accused, reported Sabq news.