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Shell gives away ONE MILLION LITRES to its Helix motor oil customers!

Free petrol? Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it! In a joint promotion with Aldrees, Shell has announced a huge giveaway of up to a million liters.

The deal is simple. Shell are offering 30 liters of 95-grade petrol – absolutely free– for each driver who switches to a Shell Helix motor oil at any oil-change shop in the Kingdom. The Shell Helix range includes Helix Ultra and Helix HX 7.

To participate, car-owners must simply collect 5 Shell Helix bottle tops from the Helix oil they use – and present them at any Aldrees filling station. In return, they will receive a voucher for the free fuel.

Drivers can either fill up their vehicle immediately, or save the voucher to use later. The offer began in December 2013 and will continue as long as stocks last.

That’s why it pays to use Shell Helix when changing your engine oil – and receive your FREE 30 liters of 95-grade fuel.

shell free petrol a