Nurses in Saudi tape shut mouths of babiesNurses at a hospital in Saudi Arabia have been caught taping shut the mouths of babies to stop them from crying and disturbing others.

A resident, Ayed Naifei had come to the paediatric ward of  a public hospital in Taif to visit his 6-month old daughter who was admitted there following an illness. The father was shocked to see adhesive tape covering his child’s mouth. The nurses had stuck a pacifier in the baby’s mouth and secured it in her mouth using adhesive tape.

Ayed quickly removed the tape and rushed to the nurse in the ward to question about the tape. The nurse told him that his baby was crying all the time and disturbing the other babies and staff in the ward.

Ayed then noticed that several other babies were ‘silenced’ in a similar manner. He has demanded that the health authorities take action to stop such ‘treatment’. Ayed also observed that in some babies, the tape extended all the way to their ears.

A year ago, the nurses made the headlines for sticking adhesive tape over the mouths of new-born babies and some ill babies. They have repeated the same grave offense, a clear indicator that no action was taken by authorities the first time the offense was brought to light, reported Sabq news.