manA young man managed to capture clear images of the suspect accused of stabbing a girl in Jeddah corniche. Sources said that an amateur skater by the name of Abdullah Al-Sharbini managed to click the suspect and handed over the  pictures to security personnel. The photos spread on social media provoking public reaction.

The girl, who was stabbed at the Jeddah Corniche on Monday is still in the Intensive Care Unit after a vein in her neck was damaged. She was earlier mistakenly reported dead.  

Spokesman of police in Makkah, Ati Al-Qurashi,  told Saudi Gazette that the person accused of stabbing the girl has now been arrested after he had been found guilty of holding a sharp tool with blood on his clothes.

The crime took place on Monday morning at 11 a.m. in front of a coffee shop at the Jeddah Corniche where the 23-year-old girl was accompanied by her aunt and cousin. While she was waiting for them outside the coffee shop, a young man started harassing her. When she refused to pay heed to his improper advances, he pushed her to the ground and stabbed her with a paper cutter in the back, neck, face and shoulder several times. Police arrived at the location five minutes later.

The images of the man and his car, clicked by Abdullah Al-Sharbini and circulated on social media, helped in the arrest of the culprit.