Police hunting for Saudi who abandoned mother at hotelThe hotel staff in Sharurah in southern Saudi Arabia were recently presented with an unusual situation when a guest of the hotel fled the hotel premises leaving behind his elderly mother.

The local man, along with his wife and mother, had stayed at the hotel for two days. On the second day, the man and his wife stepped out of the hotel informing the reception that they would check out of the hotel soon and that he was stepping out to withdraw money for settling the bill. However, the couple was not seen for many hours. The hotel staff made several attempts to reach the man on his phone, but in vain. The man had abandoned his 75-year-old mother at the hotel.

The hotel staff finally managed to reach the man the next day. He told them that he had some business to take care of outside the city. He said that he would return to the hotel after completing his work and that he would settle the hotel bill and take his mother home.

The hotel staff waited for a few more days, but still there was no news of the man, reported Akhbaar24. Despite the attention and care she got from the hotel employees, the elderly mother was tired of waiting for her son for so long. She left the hotel without the knowledge of the hotel staff.

One of the citizens in the city found the elderly wandering around and handed her over to the police in Sharurah. The police placed her in jail because she did not have any identification documents and because there were no nursing home for the elderly in the city. The police are on the lookout for the man for abandoning his mother.