chaos at the ethiopian shelterMembers of the Riyadh Police who were assigned for duty in the old Nora University building where illegal Ethiopian expats were sheltered made a narrow escape after a mob of Ethiopians descended up on them on Monday. Illegal Ethiopians in Riyadh who had surrendered to authorities earlier this week are currently being accommodated in a former building of the Princess Nora University.

The police were in a small trailer taking photos of the Ethiopians in order to make them temporary ID cards. Around 1,500 Ethiopians came and shook the trailer violently. The policemen got out of the trailer by escaping through air conditioner openings, but they got injured in the process.

The mob tried to assault the cops when they saw that the backup security was inadequate. The policemen quickly informed security, but the situation got worse, and the security had to send for an emergency squad to take control of the situation, according to local dailies. A report of the incident was issued and security was assigned to the maintain peace and calm and to control the crowd.

Meanwhile, pictures of illegal Ethiopian immigrants escaping their temporary shelter were shared on Twitter and other social networking sites on Tuesday. The pictures showed Ethiopians climbing up the walls of the shelter and taking to the streets amid the evening rains. Security was later restored and the runaways were captured and taken back to the shelter.

escaping ethiopians

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