Police in Aziziyah, Makkah are on the search for a  four-month-old lion that went missing on Thursday. They received a call from a man  named Ahmed Bin Sami Almaeni who claims that the lion was stolen from his office. Search teams deployed across the city were not able to find the missing animal.

According to reports on local media, the man had reportedly bought the animal a month back for SR 45,000 and had allocated part of his office space to accomodate it. The lion was to be moved to his farm later on.

Almaeni said that he has video footage  of four men stealing the lion and  3 people who witnessed the crime. The camera has also captured the car’s license plate number that was  parked  in front of the commercial center where his office is lodged.

Almaeni, in an effort to calm down the panicked people of Makkah, insists that the lion is only 4 months old and has no sharp claws or molars.