Image Credits: Sabq

Charity organizations and well wishers have rushed to the assistance of the 7 children who were left behind after their parents were arrested in Jeddah.  The children have now been provided with better housing, food, furniture and a nanny to take care of them, under the direct supervision of the director of Al-Birr Charity and Human Rights Association and director of humanitarian cases of the Sabq newspaper, Ahmed Al-Brahim.

The children now live in a new apartment, the rent of which has been paid for 2 years. A nanny lives with them to help them out and a Saudi neighbour, Om Muhammad,  visits them everyday to check on their needs, Sabq news reported.

Inspite of the improved living conditions, the children’s joy is incomplete for the want of their mother who is still in jail.The Human Rights Association has assigned a team of lawyers to take over the case and defend the imprisoned couple.

A report has been submitted to authorities to correct the mother’s identification documents and exempt her from deportation. The judge has supported this and described it as a positive step. As regards the father, he will be released as soon as the report is completed.

Meanwhile, a number of philanthropists have appealed to the Emir of Makkah and the Interior Minister to intervene in this case and reunite the family. They have asked for the release of the mother from jail after her legal status is corrected so that she may be at home with her seven children.