Ministry of Social AffairsThe Ministry of Social Affairs in Saudi Arabia is planning to implement a proposal that requires Saudi brides to undergo training on dealing with men and on understanding their psychology in order to help them overcome marital problems.

The Deputy Executive Director of the Training Center, Abeer Al-Harthi explained that the training sessions were suggested in an attempt to curb the rising number of marital issues reported in Saudi Arabia. She also said the Ministry gave a preliminary approval that requires brides to attend sessions that would guide them how to communicate with men and educate them about their rights and duties in a marriage.

Al-Harthi added that the training center has a program accredited by the General Organization of Vocational Education and Training that coaches women in the etiquettes of communicating with men besides various household duties. The ultimate goal of the training sessions is to help the women lead a happily married life, reported Akhbaar24.