qatari man found deadA Qatari national called the Border Security guards in the Eastern Province on Wednesday to report that his Qatari relative and wife who had gone to the Empty Quarter desert in a  jeep never returned.

The official spokesman for the Eastern Border Security Guards, Marine Col. Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Arqubi, said that as soon as they received the call, 6 search teams were sent to the site. They were able to find the lost vehicle in the desert by tracing the last mobile phone call made in that area which is about 300 km to the south of Batha port, akhbaar24 reported

The vehicle had overturned after an accident and the wife was found lying dead next to the car but the husband was nowhere in sight. The search, aided by security airways  continued in surrounding areas over high sand dunes and rugged terrain with extremely low visibility due to dust and strong winds.

On Thursday, one of the border guards was successful in finding the missing man, lying dead about 10 km away from the vehicle.

Col. Al-Arqubi warned that the Empty Quarter desert in Saudi is a dangerous area and driving on such rugged terrains requires vigilance and experience.