Dubai crown prince with his tangled chute chords

Dubai’s crown prince, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, experienced moments of adversity after the ropes of his parachute got entangled due to strong winds during a recent skydiving excursion.

The popular, adventure-loving prince was faced with interwoven chords about 3,000 feet up in the sky.  He said that he remained unfazed and tackled the issue head on with a composed mind. Within seconds, he untangled the chords and landed dafely on the ground.

The incident speak volumes about the prince’s ability to take decisions instantaneous even when confronted with tough challenges. Gulf News quoted Shaikh Hamdan as saying, “In such situations, taking a decision can save the jumper, whereas delaying for seconds can lead to ominous results.”

The prince said that he could have easily used the alternative parachute, but instead took up the problem as a challenge and immediately proceeded to untangle the chords.