corona virusA 70-year-old man in Riyadh, who was sick with multiple chronic illnesses, is believed to have spread the corona virus to 3 members of his family before he died of heart and renal failures back in October 2012.

His first son, who was 39 years of age and a smoker, died on November 2, 2012 from illness that started as flu-like symptoms.

Another son, 31 years of age, was hospitalized due to lung infection, treated with antibiotics and discharged from the hospital.

Additionally, his  16 year old grandchild  was also hospitalized due to lung infection and was discharged after treatment.

According to an article published by New England Journal of Medicine, all four cases were related to the same virus family. They all experienced flu like symptoms of high fever and hallucination, followed by cough, muscle pain and headache.

The laboratory tests confirmed  the presence of Corona virus in 3 cases, excluding that of the  youngest son. It s believed that  the grandfather spread the infection to his sons and grandchild.

No further incidents of this sickness were reported in other family members including the wives and children of the infected man and the medical staff who treated them.