stage lightingThe High Commission for the Development of Riyadh in Saudi has been preparing the Government Palace grounds for the three-day long Eid celebrations in the capital city, reported Sabq news.

Signboards, decorations and lighting have been installed in the location of the events. Stages are erected in the arena for performances by various entertainment groups. Big screen TVs have been mounted in the arena for the public to view events, in addition to a seating arrangement for over 10,000 people.

An information counter has been set up and a public address system has been installed for the calls of prayer and to make public announcements. Security teams will be deployed at the different locations. A food court, complete with various stalls and seating areas, has also been set up. The food court will have stalls of prominent restaurants in Riyadh. A team of cleaner will oversee the cleaning and janitorial services needs in the area.

Festivities on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr will go on for 3 days in various locations in Riyadh.