Indonesia has two of the most active tweeting cities in the world, according to the a recent study by France-based social media monitor Semiocast.

Jakarta topped the list, while Bandung took 6th place, according to an announcement on on Monday. The survey said that 10.6 billion public tweets were posted in the month of June, and that more than 2 percent of them were tweeted from Jakarta, which was duly declared “the most active Twitter city” by the website.

Tokyo ranked second, followed respectively by London, Manchester, England, New York, Bandung, Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago and Riyadh.

“This study reveals that users from Jakarta were the most active within all cities ranked by the number of posted tweets, [showing] the activity of Twitter in the country,” Semiocast said.

But in terms of the number of Twitter accounts by country, Indonesia finished fifth after the US, Brazil, Japan and Britain. The 6th through 10th places were occupied by India, Mexico, Canada, Spain and the Philippines respectively.

Indonesia boasted 29.4 million Twitter user profiles as of the end of June, only slightly lower than Britain’s 32.2 million Twitter user profiles, Semiocast said.

Semiocast said up to 517 million Twitter user profiles had been created before July 1, including more than 140 million in the US alone.

English remains the most used language on Twitter, followed by Japanese, Semiocast said, pointing out that the US is the most active Twitter country, with US-based users posting 25.8 percent of all public tweets, followed by Japan-based users who posted 10.6 percent.


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