twitter_king_smSaudis are Twitter’s favorite users! Arabic is now becoming the social network’s fastest growing language. Saudi post more than 1 million tweets a day.

The Saudi capital, Riyadh is among the top 10 tweeting cities in the world and first in the Arab region. Around 50 million monthly tweets come from its own Saudi tweeps.

A tweeter Walid Samsoun said that nearly 70 percent of the tweeters are young boys and girls. He added that most tweets are funny and sarcastic.

Once people know how to and what to tweet, Twitter is a good way to communicate said Loubana al-Qaraawi, a tweeter on human development affairs.

The Saudi tweeps forum held five meetings with respect to this. There were 21 speakers who discussed their experiences.

They discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter, the main goal of the forum was to raise awareness, said Shayma Hameed al-Din, a member of the Saudi tweeps committee. However, the attendees had to agree that social networking has become a quick means to spread rumors.

Shayma cited a study that showed the number of Twitter accounts that has exceeded 2.9 million and the number of tweets being 50 million.

“al-Hawamir” and “al-moudaraam” are terms trending on twitter which mean a person has a more than 20,000 followers and a curious person who does not care about what others say respectively, said tweeter Thamel al-Mishari.

Source: alarabiya