saudistudentsRiyadh students from a private high school face charges after assaulting the principal of the school.

The senior secondary students in the school were found fighting in the classroom. The upset principal told them that they will not be given any preparatory training for the exams and the final exam would include questions on all the chapters in the textbook.

The irate young students gathered after the noon prayers and assaulted the principal; hurled shoes and mineral water bottles at the principal.

The principal of the school, the name of which is not revealed by sources, said that he would contact the security authorities and alert them about the incident.

The students complained that the principal was particularly strict dealing with them. This incident got the bloggers divided, however most condemned the students for this kind of behavior.

One of the blogger, DveDov blamed the education Ministry for the deterioration of standards in the schools. DveDov said that there is no proper enforcement of rules these days and hence no dignity for teachers. He added that it is the ministry’s fault in bringing the education system to such low standards and that we have super spoiled students. Bloggers said that these days the elementary students carry mobile phones and the overall exposure at young age is becoming unavoidable.

Ali Oun backed the principal’s decision and said that they used to face exams that did not exclude anything at all from the textbooks. He added that the main issue nowadays with students is that they have serious concerns about their post graduation and opportunities in future.

Shame Whisper, a blogger, supporting the students said that the students are under tremendous pressure these days and the principal shouldn’t have added more to it.

A blogger named “Suzaaaaaan” said that the textbooks these days are of no value and they do not add to education or learning. Blogger pointed out that the education strategists should come up with new ideas that would be of assistance to the students’ future and that connects them to the real world. Lifestyles being changed and improved dramatically, the education system should also change and not cling to the old methods of teaching with a cane that do not teach students much.

Source: Local Media