Rizana Nafeek

Rafeena Nafeek, mother of  Sri Lankan domestic worker Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia,  has forgiven those who she says wanted her daughter executed. She has also rejected any compensation from Saudi Arabia. She said that  her daughter, Rizana, was innocent and was wrongfully convicted of killing a baby in 2005.

The  Saudi government said that she could not be pardoned because the baby’s parents wanted the punishment.

In the interview with BBC’s Azzam Ameen , a tearful Rafeena Nafeek said “ There’s no point in blaming anyone – Rizana has gone.”  She added that she had forgiven the baby’s parents who reportedly insisted on her daughter’s beheading.”We only got to know [about] her execution from the media”, she said. Mrs Nafeek has publicly rejected compensation money offered by Riyadh, saying she would not accept anything from “the country that killed my child”.

Rizana's mother and sisters

Rizana had seemingly expressed a wish to educate  her young siblings before her death. Mrs.Nafeek appealed to impoverished families to educate their daughters and not send them for domestic work in Saudi Arabia or any  other country.

After Rizana came to work as a maid, a baby in her care died. She said that it  was a choking accident. The Saudi courts rejected her claim saying that it was strangulation. Despite Rizana’s mother’s refusal , the Sri Lankan president on Tuesday handed the family a sum of $7,800 (£4,900) extended by the Foreign Employment Bureau.

Source: BBC