saher logoIn a rather ironic case, Abu Mohammed, a Saudi working as a field employee for the Saher traffic control and monitoring system raked up a whopping SR 18,000 as traffic fines recorded for his personal vehicle, reported Akhbaar24.  The Saudi said that Saher is an automated traffic system and shows no discrimination among traffic offenders.

The Saher surveillance cameras that are installed on all major roads in the kingdom automatically click pictures of violating vehicles, including the number plate and the driver of the car. The picture is stored in a database at the traffic center. Saher employees are not involved in the traffic violation recording process. Despite that, many irate motorists who believe that the Saher patrols manually click pictures direct their anger and frustration towards the employees. Saher employees are often targets of verbal abusive and physical attacks, including throwing stone and cans. They are trained to calmly deal such situations.