A young Saudi woman  refused monetary compensation of 6 million riyals after she was  paralyzed in an automobile accident and says she wants a court to sentence the driver to become paralysed.

The woman is demanding retributive justice  in the form of the motorist being paralyzed, after she was injured on her honeymoon.

“There is nothing that will be just and fair except seeing the man who has caused all this to have the same fate,” the unnamed woman,  told Arabic daily  Okaz.

The driver’s offers  of financial compensation have  been rejected in favor of eye-for-an-eye retribution after he was convicted of  speeding and reckless driving.

The court in Jeddah city is in a dilemma and the judge has tried to convince the victim to change her mind , postponing  his sentencing. However, the woman continues to stick to her demand.