saudia logoAccording to a report released by Flightstats, a website that provides global travel information, Saudi Arabian Airlines was among the most punctual airlines in the month of July, reported Saudi Gazette. It is an achievement for the airlines especially considering that the airlines figured in the top-ten list among airlines all over the world.

Abdulaziz Raheem Al-Hazmi, the Deputy Director General of Saudia, said that July was peak season for travel because of summer vacations in the kingdom. Moreover, July also meant peak Umrah season as most of Ramadan was during that month.

According to the Flightstats website’s operational performance report and statistics for July 2013, 12,119 of the 13,941 scheduled Saudia flights were on time. This amounts to around 87% of the total number of domestic and international flights operated in the month. Al-Hazmi said that early planning and field readiness were attributed to the success of the airlines to meet the challenge.