gf_mask1Saudi Arabia’s  Ministry of the Interior has banned the import and sale of the Guy Fawkes masks from the graphic novel and movie V for Vendetta, Saudi newspaper Al-Madinah reported on Thursday.

The newspaper  reported earlier this week that the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs had issued a statement calling on public figures to instruct Saudi youth not to wear the mask as it ‘instills a culture of violence and extremism’ and ‘encourages young people to breach security and spread chaos in society.’

The ban will include the confiscation and destruction of masks already in the markets and toy stores. 

Bahrain, where a protest movement has led to two years of unrest and violence, banned them in February .

The mask becomes a symbol of united opposition to a fascist government, based on the imagery of the blockbuster film and  has become a hugely popular accessory for protesters around the world, Occupy Wall Street, Tahrir Square, online hacker collective Anonymous, to name a few.

Source: blog.foreignpolicy