SR1million mealsSaudi authorities have been reported to spend nearly SR 1 million in providing around 120,000 meals daily for the illegal expats who have been detained since the residency and labor amnesty ended on 3 Nov, according to Al Arabiya news.

The violators of the residency and employment rules of the kingdom were either arrested by authorities or they voluntarily surrendered themselves to the authorities. They are currently detained at the employment service center in Shemaysi till they obtain deportation documents from respective consulates.

Major Abdullah Naser Al-Harbi, assistant media spokesman for the General Directorate of Prisons stressed that Saudi Arabia is keen on providing the violators with three healthy and nutritious meals a day that are prepared  under hygienic circumstances.

The Saudi authorities have allocated 39 centers that cater to labor violators to provide them all services until their deportation.