cutting cigarettesA girl in Saudi Arabia used Twitter to get her chain-smoking father to quit smoking, reported Akhbaar24. The daughter tweeted a conversation that took place between the two while she tried to convince her father to give up smoking.

The father accepted her challenge to quit smoking if she could get 3,000 re-tweets for her tweet. The daughter succeeded in doing so, and the father kept his word by giving up the vice for good.

In another win against the addiction, a 9-year-old boy and an 80-year-old man gave up smoking with help from Naqaa, an anti-smoking society in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia. Naqaa, which means purity, helps people quit smoking. Saeed Al-Hamzani, the chairman of the group, said that the young boy took to heavy smoking after a nearby supermarket encouraged his habit, despite the boy’s young age.