illegals deported

Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said recently that no deportee will be permanently banned from returning to Saudi Arabia.

However a ban of 10 years will be stipulated, reported Arab News. Al-Turki said that arrangements have been made to deport Ethiopians whose documents have been prepared by the Interior Ministry. Once procedures are completed, 2000 Ethiopians will be deported to their home land in 8 planes every day, at the expense of the Kingdom.

Dismissing rumours that illegal Ethiopians had fled their make-shift shelter home at Princess Noura University, a spokesman for Riyadh Police said that workers were free to move around and buy necessary items. They have all willingly returned to be deported, he added.

Seventeen employees are reportedly working around the clock in various shifts to speed up the deportation process. President of the Human Rights Commission, Bandar Al-Aiban, visited the shelter along with board members to ensure that the workers were receiving proper food and shelter. A temporary office has been set up by the Commission to listen to the complaints of the workers. The team members reside and sleep on the campus.

Al-Aiban said that complaints about the unhygienic living conditions are being addressed to. Although Saudi Arabia reserves the right to  regulate its labor market, the rights of the workers should be respected, Al-Aiban  added.