Photo Courtesy : Photography 101

During a media hangout in April 2012, video giant YouTube announced the launch of the local UAE domain and revealed some staggering numbers about the Middle East North Africa MENA region.

Some interesting facts about YouTube, both regionally and globally:

  • Daily views on YouTube grew up 50% compared to last year
  • YouTube playbacks in the MENA region have doubled in the last year
  • The MENA region ranked second, after USA and before Brazil, in terms of the number of daily views
  • Saudi Arabia ranked number 1 globally, the Kingdom has the highest number of YouTube views in the world per Internet user
  • Saudi Arabia leads the region with the most playbacks followed by Egypt, Morocco and UAE

Global YouTube Statistics:

  • YouTube has more than 4 Billion views per day up 50% versus last year
  • 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

MENA Region YouTube Statistics:

  1. There are 167 Million video views a day in MENA
  2. There are 90 Million video views in Saudi Arabia per day
  3. One hour of YouTube video is uploaded in MENA per minute

Country specific data of YouTube usage in 2011 versus 2010:

  • Saudi Arabia: Number of uploads jumped 200%, number of views increased 260%
  • Egypt: Number uploads jumped 150%, number if views increased 220%
  • Jordan: Number of uploads increased 140%, number of views increased 240%
  • Tunis: Number of uploads increased 420%
  • Yemen: Number of uploads increased 100%, number of views jumped 150%