prince naif

As Saudi Arabia pushes ahead with its strict laws regarding expatriates, Minister of Interior, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz has issued new rules allowing courts to deport all expatriates that  are convicted and sentenced to at least three months or 40 lashes in any court case.

It will be required of offenders who are sentenced to less than 3 months in jail to submit a written letter pledging not to repeat the offence, failing which they will be deported, local newspapers reported.

Foreigners who have a police record in Saudi Arabia but are living in other GCC states will be banned from entering the Kingdom. Expatriates who stay in the country illegally will be barred for three years, while those who are caught sneaking into the Kingdom will be barred permanently.

Additionally, an expatriate with a Saudi wife or mother will be required to sign a letter pledging not to repeat any offence or he will be deported permanently.