Saudi Arabia could soon be replacing executions by beheading with firing squads, local daily “Al-Yaum” reported on Sunday.

According to the daily, sources are saying the suggestion was being studied by a commission formed from members of the ministries of interior and health, the prosecution office, general security office and the general directorate of prisons.

It was added that the interior ministry authorized governors to implement executions by shooting until  alternate  means to carry out the punishment is finalized.

An announcement issued by the bureau of investigation and the prosecution said the means to implement the execution is up for the governor to decide when the means is not specified in the capital punishment verdict and that implementing execution by shooting is acceptable as long as it is not considered a legal violation.

If shooting is approved as a method to implement capital punishment, it would not be the first time. A woman in the Saudi city of Ha’il, who was found guilty of murdering her husband  was executed by being shot several years ago.