Saudi Arabia’s second-biggest telecoms operator —Mobily  has been banned from selling pre-paid SIM cards, Reuters reports.

The CITC ( Communication and Information Technology Commission) had warned operators that starting 28 September, 2012 all pre-paid subscribers should enter a personal identification number (PIN) when adding credit, and that the same number should have been  registered with their network provider at the time the SIM was bought.

The ban was imposed after failure to comply with these terms. A spokesman for Mobily said  that they were surprised as to why they had been singled out , considering that other operators( STC, Zain)have also not complied and that they had done a huge campaign to inform customers about the ID requirement.

Mobily has just announced the launch of an LTE (Long Term Evolution) data roaming service as part of its attempts to keep up its  leadership in data services. Currently, the company’s LTE covers more than 33 cities across Saudi Arabia, representing about 85 % percent of the population.