Al-Safaniya offshore oilfieldSaudi Aramco confirmed that that their work was not affected by the sinking platform on Friday in Al-Safaniya. The company said it would conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

According to a statement released by the oil company to AFP, “The Saudi Aramco response teams managed on Friday to evacuate 24 of the 27 members of crew in the mobile platform for maintenance services in Al-Safaniya.”

“Initial reports indicate that the incident resulted in the injury of some workers; these workers were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. Of the three missing workers, two are Indians and one a Bangladeshi.”

It was emphasized in the statement that the response teams in Saudi Aramco are trying their best to search for the three missing personnel.

Al-Safaniya is the world’s largest offshore oilfield. It is located 265 kilometers north of Dhahran.