World renowned oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco had its Twitter account @Saudi_Aramco hacked by a hacker going with the handle of Mister Rero.

The hacker not only hacked the account but also changed the account’s official logo into a picture of the Heath Ledger’s portrayal of “The Joker” from the film “The Dark Knight” Batman movie along with series of Tweets to the Saudi Aramco’s 46,000+ followers.

One of the Tweet by hacker explains that Saudi Aramco’s Twitter account is hacked by Mister Rero.

Account has been compromised by Mister Rero for through a loophole of Alheczr discovery Joseph hacker to connect with Joseph.


The account which was under hackers for a while has now been regained. Saudi Aramco  was previously  under massive malware attack back in August 2012, affecting its more then 30,000 computers.  Opinions differed as to whether that attack, linked to the Shamoon malware, was likely to be the work of a lone hacker or was a sophisticated assault by a foreign power.

However, Saudi Aramco is not the only company whose Twitter account was compromised. Few hours back the official Twitter account South African Ministry of State Security was hacked. Also, during these three weeks, France 24 Arabia and France 24 Observers Twitter Accounts, Qatar Foundation’s Twitter account, AFP Photo Twitter account, Top Gear’s Presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter account, Burger King’s Twitter and  Donald Trumps Twitter accounts were also hacked.

Source: nakedsecurity.sophos