similac milkIn an official statement made by the Health Affairs Department in Taif, news that two infants were in critical condition after consuming contaminated Similac Gain Plus 3 formula milk are reported as false information, reported Sabq news.

Furthermore, authorities said that no infant was admitted in the hospital for toxic infection due to the formula milk. It was previous reported that two critically ill infants were admitted in the Children’s Hospital in Taif for possible food poisoning after consuming Similac formula milk.

According to the Taif Health Department, SFDA contacted the Industrial Ministry and Fontera, the dairy company in New Zealand regarding the contamination issue. Authorities in New Zealand responded that the bacterial contamination was limited to only one of their nine machines. The batch number for the affected lot is 287824k402, and carries the date of production and date of expiry as 02/05/2013 and 31/10/2014 respectively. They also confirmed that the contaminated batch has not entered the kingdom.

The Health Affairs department has called on the public to be wary of false news and not to be misled by such rumors. The Health Affairs understands the gravity of the issue and would not risk the health of babies in the kingdom.