Born in Syria , Hassan Almodallala  was one of those  creatively  inventive boys who forever liked to experiment .

Deeply inspired by his talented father, Hassan soon took to the world of Art and is presently Art Director / Digital Media Artist at  International NomadsRiyadh Connect had the pleasure of interviewing this talented artist.

Childhood memories generally inspire an artist. Has yours played a role in your work? What was your childhood like?

I was lucky enough to be brought up by  parents who were romantic at heart . Both have a strong artistic side in many creative ways. Composing poetry, handicrafts, cooking and more. My father has influenced me in many ways. He spent years teaching me how to write calligraphy and how to draw cartoons as well as composing poetry, writing and reading. I had always been infatuated with his talent and to this day I always pay attention to whatever artwork he produces, even his rough pencil sketches.
At home I was a quite inventive boy and I always restructured whatever came to hand to see what result I might come up with.
At school, I was well known in all artistic activities including theatre, speeches and events.
However, I should say I was a little geek wearing thick-rounded “Harry Potter style” glasses and speaking  with a thick Syrian accent.

Your work combines heritage and modern art. How did it evolve? What is the process for developing work?

Personally, I think that modern art has gone way beyond reality, sometimes reaching the point of silliness. Unless an artwork tells me a story or makes me feel something when I see it, I am not convinced.
However, the tools available in this age (“the digital age“) have created for me a magical canvas and allowed me to experience all the feelings involved in the heritage of art but in a more contemporary visions. Mixing heritage with modern art relates to youth and mature audiences, it brings them together into one wonderful experience.
I research a lot and always keep my eyes open to everything around me.

Examples of heritage and modern art are found everywhere. I try to analyse the techniques used by other artists and see how I could use these tools to re-invent my work and myself and maybe come up with my own unique techniques. I have to say this process also involves an extraordinary effort of experimenting and testing while keeping a clear vision in mind.

Who do you consider the best in the industry, locally and internationally? Why?

It is really hard to identify the best these days. Everything is moving faster and faster. What is best now may be not in few hours.
The industry is evolving every second and stars are being born in heartbeats

 Which tools do you use the most?

Before starting any artwork I like to organize my thoughts with small pencil sketches on paper. Then usually if needed, I write down the pattern that I am going to follow. Then comes the wide range of software, which is available in the market.
Mostly I use adobe creative suite including, Photoshop, illustrator, Flash and Aftereffects. I do have a crush lately on Cinema 4D and the wide range of creative possibilities it provides.One more genius software is kelk. It gives you amazing calligraphic results in a very short time and opens a wide expanse for artists to enrich their designs with sexy elements.


What do you consider your best work to date?

Loloa is original Arabic Mare bread that was born with unusual beauty and transparency showing originality on her skin.

Unfortunately her prize came with a price.  Her hair kept growing non-stop till she was really struggling to move around and even walk.
One strong windy night, Loloa felt the air running through her hair.
The wind had lifted her hair up and helped her not only to walk on the ground but even allowed her to walk on the surface of water.

Loloa dreams that one day she will be able to utilize this mysterious power to be able to fly… to be continued.

What is the best advice you have for upcoming talents in the industry?

Experimenting with ideas is the best way to come up with unique and attractive artwork. Learn others techniques but try to invent your own by adding to what you have already learned. Keep trying and keep starting new things in your designs. Keep in mind that every small or big project you are dealing with is going to be the project that will give you the best opportunities in your future career.

 Have you messed up during projects? What has been you biggest mistake?

Yeah sure I believe that one gains good experience from the numbers of mistakes you make during your work.  They teach you lessons.  I have made a number of big mistakes but I have managed to fix them. For me the biggest mistake is always not backing up hard drives. Hard drives don’t stand long in my hands and there have been many cases where I had to redo a campaign from scratch because of crashed hard-drives. Artists, please backup your work ,always.

Do you have any favourite stories from your experiences as an artist?

I love poetry. Here is one story. Once when I was doing an examination in writing poetry at school, I was with my classmates all of whom were focused on what to write. I was squeezing my head to come up with something unique in order to achieve  high marks . My teacher walked briskly to my desk and aggressively pulled my paper from my hands while writing and asked me to leave the exam. I panicked and asked what have I done wrong? Teacher: I know your talent, you don’t need an evaluation, you should leave now. I left the exam half way through and got a full mark on that module.

What are you currently working on?

A website for a well known local cosmetics and dermatology centre in Riyadh and covering production needed for few existing accounts we have in our company like Carrefour, Abukass Rice, Fursaty and few more things.

Do you have a vision for the future? Where do you see yourself ?

I see myself involved in a big position in a leading digital agency that is rocking the market locally and internationally. But deep inside, I have different picture for the distant future.
I dream that I will have a big open-plan office/house where I live and work and have my family around me. In my vision, my super hi-tech desk sits in a place, which overlooks mountains covered with trees and in between the mountains on the horizon I am able to see the ocean. Near my desk is a huge open kitchen!  This is because I love cooking while planning and thinking.  Also there is a huge tropical aquarium in the room.  It is from this room that all the magic is born and where ideas come to me …

Thank you.

To follow Hassan Almodallala visit his site and his portfolio :portfolio_hassan