hand out of trunkTwo Saudi youngsters drove around Jeddah roads with a hand popping out of their car trunk leaving witnesses especially children distraught.

Emirates 24/7 reported that a Saudi desperately tried to calm his son at a intersection when the young boy got scared seeing the seemingly real hand dangling from the boot of the car in front of them. In another car, a little girl started screaming after seeing the frightful sight. Traffic quickly built up as passers-by started gathering near the car.

One of the witnesses quickly reported the vehicle to the police. The police forces immediately arrived at the scene and arrested the two young men in the car. It was then that the police learned that the whole thing was a prank and that the hand was that of a toy. A police spokesman told a local daily that the teenagers had behaved irresponsibly and their actions were reckless.

The teen boys, influenced by horror-movies, had bought a life-sized human doll and stuffed it inside the boot of their car, with just one hand hanging out of the car. Then they drove on the main roads of the western city of Saudi to cause panic and have fun at other people’s expense.