holy quranBreaking traditional practice, a Saudi bride’s father did not ask for money or jewellery as dowry from the groom and instead asked that the groom make sure that his daughter memorizes Surat Al-Mulk (a chapter from the Quran) as her dowry.

As per normal practice in Saudi culture, the father of the bride asks the groom for jewellery or money as dowry. After this dowry settlement , the actual marriage contract is conducted by a legal or religious representative.

However, the father of the bride, Abdul Rahman Bin Taher Al-Hakmi, said that he decided to make this humble request after being disappointed in the outrageous amounts being paid as dowries these days. He wanted to challenge local practices and hoped other parents would follow his example, local media reported.

The dowry was documented on the marriage contract and the father expressed his joy at having made this decision as Surat Al-Mulk is known for its blessings in saving its reader from hell fire.

Last year,  a Saudi bride’s father challenged local practices by asking for a dowry of SR 2.