Fayez al-Maliki with teenage boyIn a generous gesture, Saudi actor, Fayez al-Maliki has gifted his new Bentley to Yousuf Al Ansari who recently lost his family in a car accident, reported Sabq News.

Al-Maliki visited the 15-year-old boy in his hospital room after hearing that the boy was the only one who survived the horrible accident. During the visit, the actor asked the teen if he needed anything. The boy joked that he would like Al-Maliki’s new Bentley that he recently received from Prince Alwaleed.

Al-Maliki was more than willing to fulfil the boy’s wishes, even though Yousuf said that he was just kidding. The luxury car is worth close to SR 800,000. The boy lost his parents and sisters in an accident that occurred when the family was on their way from Taif to Riyadh.